One of the most common pests that we have in our house is the cockroaches or commonly called as roaches. It could be hard for us to get rid of them as they are sometimes very small and they could fly at the same time. Most of the house owners would have a hard time killing them as they move very fast and they can very tiny holes and cracks on the ground and walls. Many people would browse to get additional information on how to stop them from spreading around the house as it could bring and carry harmful and dangerous illnesses to the members of the family and especially to the kids and babies. They can be everywhere as long as there is some food on the table, to the piles of papers in the room or storage room, and even to the clothes we have in our closet that we haven’t used for a longer time. If you didn’t cover your foods on the table, there is a chance that they will sneak to the foods you have there. They can contaminate your snacks or the foods that you have in it and they can destroy wires too, of your appliances. There are many ways to get them away from your house and have the chance to know more about the processes to make sure that they won’t come back.  


  1. Check for their hiding places. Sometimes, they would live in a place that it is a bit wet and moist. So, it means they could be found underneath your sink or even to your bathroom. They can live without eating foods but they can’t live without any source of water or anything that they can drink and sip. You could check as well the places or areas where there is a leakage of water.  
  2. Cleaning your house can make it cockroaches free. They don’t like to live in a place that is clean and free from dirt and other attractions that they like. Make sure that you will keep things in order especially in the kitchen area. This is the most important place as you repair your foods add meals here.  
  3. Don’t put your left-over food on the table or any other place that can be easily exposed to their attention. Secure a container or food sealer that will keep your foods safe from them. You can put your foods as well in the ref to make sure that it won’t be infested by different pests as well.  
  4. If there is spilled water or liquid on the floor. Make sure to wipe it or mop it immediately.  
  5. Keep the trash can inside your house with a cover. This will help to keep the roaches away from getting to the trash bin. It would be better to get your trash out every night. It will help to make the attraction of the cockroach less. Keeping your place clean and spotless could be one of the easiest keys to keep them away.  
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